Discover Your Nutrition Healthy Diet

Which foods are harming your body and which foods are healing?

Finding the the right nutrition healthy diet that helps the most common illnesses and health problems can be confusing sometimes.  

We are constantly being told, 'eat this' and 'do not eat that' and in our search for foods that heal we sometimes end up, without knowing it, eating foods that harm.

Confused with Food has been built with YOU in mind to give you simple healthy eating guidelines to help ease, reverse and even prevent some of the most common everyday health problems. 

Click around our site and you will find some solid guidelines and tips for building a nutrition healthy diet to suit you and your body. 

The Basics Of A Nutrition Healthy Diet







Confused with Food is a compilation of healthy eating guidelines based on decades of evidence and scientific facts, all laid out in simple, easy to understand sections to help you discover the healthiest foods to eat for your diet.

Here you will find some simple guidelines to the most common conditions like reducing high blood pressure, what are the best cholesterol lowering foods and some simple diabetes diet information. 

All easily explained so you can change your eating habits and build yourself the perfect nutrition healthy diet.

The Way You Feel Is Not Normal

Ever wondered why you get a headache for no apparent reason?  You might even suffer from frequent migraine headaches. Do you have a sudden energy slump at the same time everyday?  Do you have dry itchy skin or brittle and cracked fingernails?

If your answer to these questions is 'yes', then it is quite likely that you have accepted these as normal.  Have you ever considered that something you have eaten or that something is missing from your diet that may be causing them?  

These are examples of relatively minor conditions that we rarely stop to think that they may be related to our diet.

Some slightly more serious yet also common health conditions, the type that we might visit a doctor to get checked out, are also closely linked, if not a direct result of what we eat.

Its the small changes that can make a big difference

Do any of the following apply to you? Click on an image and discover more about how changes to your diet can effect how you feel.

high blood pressure

high cholesterol



migraine headaches 

hay fever 

The Food Choices You Make Affect Your Body

The relationship between food and health is very significant and the choices we make in the foods we eat have a direct affect on our body.  

This makes the need for a nutrition healthy diet all the more important.

The food we eat provides our body with the fuel it needs to function on a daily basis.  It goes without saying that the quality of the fuel we consume will directly affect how well we function.  In other words the foods we eat affect every aspect of our being from energy levels and food cravings to thinking capacity to sleeping habits.  

Excessive eating of foods that are harmful can lead to more serious health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and many other everyday ailments.  

Excessive eating can be as simple as eating something once a day and over time, and that time can be years, some of the most common health issues creep up on us unexpectedly.  

Years of eating the wrong foods without taking notice of how we feel or how our body reacts becomes the norm, and we all do it without thinking about it.  This does not mean that the damage cannot be undone.  Simple changes to our everyday eating habits can make huge differences to years of eating the wrong stuff.  

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