About Confused With Food

Confused with Food has been built with you in mind to give you simple healthy eating guidelines to help ease, reverse and even prevent some of the most common everyday health problems. 


I'm Mark Young, creator of Confused With Food.  My BCNH Distinction in Dietary Advice and 12 years as a personal trainer has taught me that we are all different.

Finding healthy foods to eat that help the most common illnesses and health problems can be confusing sometimes.  We are constantly being told, 'eat this' and 'do not eat that' and in our search for foods that heal we sometimes end up, without knowing it, eating foods that harm.

I built Confused With Food to pull together as many of the most common diseases, disorders and illnesses and try to group together the foods that might cause them and the foods that can help to control and even prevent some of them. 

The idea is to have bite-size chunks (no pun intended!) pulled together into one easy to navigate place, where anyone can find what they want and need. 

So, if you find the information here useful, or have some ideas to add yourself, then leave a comment..."

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