Lowering My Blood Pressure

by Troy
(Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

My blood pressure was slowly creeping up as a consequence of what could only be bad diet, lack of excercise, along with smoking!

A massive change in overall attitude and reality check of where I wanted to be in the next 20 odd years(I'm currently 42) was a personal awakening!

Anyway, I kicked the cigarettes and decided to walk early each morning prior to work! Increased my water intake along with fruit and veges!

For the first month I saw little change and became disappointed despite my sacrifices, and consequently nearly considered simply picking up the ciggies again and forgetting about an appropriate diet due to seeming inability to bring down pressure!

Thankfully, just a couple of words saved me from taking the regressive step..."it will take time"! I realised it took me along time to get to this state and obviously was going to take more than an overnight commitment to fix things!

Anyway.....2 months down the track I started to see noticeable changes to my blood pressure and finally felt how important the sacrifices were!

I feel healthy, I no longer smoke but more importantly don't have to stress everyday about my blood pressure, 4 months on! I went from a range of 145-155/ 90-100 down to a range of 120-135/ 78-85!

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